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Date 2008-01-07.09:32:48
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On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 02:45:35PM -0000, Alberto Bertogli wrote:
> I'll probably send you the updated patch sometime this week; thanks for
> the ping =)

Here are the three patches, rebased to the SVN commit 59815.

The first one is the same I've already submitted, the second adds the
documentation and the third two testcases.

The testcases are simple, but I think cover a reasonable amount of TIPC
specific code. If you want more, let me know.

The documentation is simple, as you told me, just a paragraph explaining
about the address format and another explaining the constants. Again, if
you want me to change anything, just let me know.

Finally, if you want me to rebase this on top of any other branch, you
guessed it, just let me know ;)

Thanks a lot,
File name Uploaded
0001-Make-socket-support-TIPC.patch albertito, 2008-01-07.09:32:44
0002-Add-documentation-and-Misc-NEWS-entry-for-TIPC-suppo.patch albertito, 2008-01-07.09:32:46
0003-Add-unit-tests-for-TIPC-socket-support.patch albertito, 2008-01-07.09:32:47
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