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Date 2007-12-21.13:07:27
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>  * the docstring of is wrong


>  * the tests are a bit light. It would be good the have a test like
> test_control_and_wait in test_epoll.

Does Twisted have additional tests? I agree that the tests are too light
weighted but I don't have spare time to write more tests. I may have
more time in a few days after xmas.

>  * the kqueue_queue_control (and the pyepoll_poll) are now completely
> wrong! You should not limit to FD_SETSIZE, these 2 systems are there
> because they're able to handle for fds than that. Also, this buffer
> thing looks like a premature optimization. I'm unable to tell if it's
> correct or not.

I've seen the limitation in an example somewhere. I've read the specs
several times and I think you are right. I now use FD_SETSIZE as
sizehint for epoll() but I don't limit the amount of fds any more.

>  * the NETDEV and related flags aren't defined under OS X 10.4. I
guess there are flags for freebsd, but kqueue should build on OS X too.

I'm using FreeBSD to test the kqueue interface. I can't tell if it's
working on Mac OS X. I've put the NETDEV related macros in an ifdef block.

The new patch replaces the FD_SETSIZE limitation and adds a richcompare
slot to kevent. Do we need an alternative constructor which creates an
epoll and kqueue object from a given fd?
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