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Date 2007-12-18.08:09:24
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I think that we can give up float(repr(x)) == x across different
platforms, since we don't guarantee something more basic: We don't
guarantee that the same program doing only floating point operations
will produce the same results across different 754 platforms, because
in the compilation process we rely on the system's decimal to binary
conversion. In other words, using the current repr(), one can pass a
value x from platform A platform B and be sure to get the same value.
But if he has a python function f, he can't be sure that f(x) on
platform A will result in the same value as f(x) on platform B. So the
cross-platform repr() doesn't really matter.

I like eval(repr(x)) == x because it means that repr(x) captures all
the information about x, not because it lets me pass x from one
platform to another. For communication, I use other methods.
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