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Mark Dickinson wrote:
> Mark Dickinson added the comment:
> Cool! If there's a move to add functions to the math module, there are 
> some others that are part of C99 (but not C89), would be good to have, and 
> that I'd consider more fundamental than the Bessel, error, gamma 
> functions;  for example, the inverse hyperbolic trig functions (acosh, 
> asinh, atanh), log1p, expm1, copysign.

I've added the inverse hyperbolic, log1p and expm1. copysign is too low
level but I've added sign(x) -> -1/0/+1. It uses copysign() where
available so you can emulate copysign(x, y) with sign(x) * y.

Do you want some more functions?

Feel free to provide a patch :)

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