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Summary: "title" method of string objects does not 
   handle contractions and possessives correctly.
See the following short program and its results for examples.
Test of string method 'capitalize'


for item in stringList:
    spaces=' '*(12-n)
    itemTitled = item.title()
    isATitle = itemTitled.istitle()
    print "%s -> %s%s is title=%s" %(item, spaces, itemTitled, isATitle)

Results in:
we're ->        We'Re is title=True
you're ->       You'Re is title=True
they're ->      They'Re is title=True
i've ->         I'Ve is title=True
we've ->        We'Ve is title=True
you've ->       You'Ve is title=True
they've ->      They'Ve is title=True
can't ->        Can'T is title=True
won't ->        Won'T is title=True
doesn't ->      Doesn'T is title=True
haven't ->      Haven'T is title=True
daren't ->      Daren'T is title=True
shouldn't ->    Shouldn'T is title=True
weren't ->      Weren'T is title=True
wasn't ->       Wasn'T is title=True
i'm ->          I'M is title=True
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