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Date 2007-12-12.09:56:30
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I am not sure if this is a Python bug or simply a limitation of cmd.exe.

I am using Windows XP Home.
I run cmd.exe with the /u option and I have set my console font to
"Lucida Console" (the only TrueType font offered), and I run chcp 65001
to set the utf8 code page.
When I run the following program:

for x in range(32, 2000):
    print("{0:5X} {0:c}".format(x))

one blank line is output.

But if I do chcp 1252 the program prints up to 7F before hitting a
unicode encoding error.

This is different behaviour from Python 2.5.1 which (with a suitably
modified print line) after chcp 65001 prints up to 7F and then fails
with "IOError: [Errno 0] Error".
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