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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2007-12-09.20:51:41
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* Moved dictobject.c:unicode_eq() to unicodeobject.c:_PyUnicode_Eq()
* Added another optimization step to _PyUnicode_Eq(). The hash is
required later anyway and comparing two hashes is much faster than
memcmp-ing the unicode objects.
    if (unicode_hash(a) != unicode_hash(b))
        return 0;
* Factored out the ((PyUnicodeObject *) v)->hash optimization into a
function object.c:_PyObject_HashFast() which does the trick for
PyUnicode and PyString. The trick was used a couple of times in
dictobject.c and setobject.c. We may even think about moving the trick
to PyObject_Hash() directly.
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