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Date 2007-12-03.16:41:05
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Joseph Armbruster wrote:
> The bad news [should a different bug be created for this?]
> See cmdline.rst:
> .. cmdoption:: -c <command>
> .. cmdoption:: -m <module-name>
> .. describe:: <script>
> Looks like genindex.html is being generated with some iffy markup:
> <dt>-c <command></dt>

I'm not sure which way round you're say this. On my system,
the markup is:

<dl class="cmdoption">
<dt id="cmdoption-c">
<tt class="descname">-c</tt><tt class="descclassname"> 
&lt;command&gt;</tt><a class="headerlink" href="#cmdoption-c" 
title="Permalink to this definition">¶</a></dt>
<dd><p>Execute ...</p></dd>

Is this right? Or wrong? It doesn't look disastrous to me.
In either case, I doubt it's related to the path issues we've
been addressing in this Issue. Probably best to raise a new
Issue if you think there's a problem.

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