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Author tim.golden
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Date 2007-12-03.11:43:39
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The attached patch against r59286 tries to tease apart the uses of
filename by adding "webify_filepath" and "unwebify_filepath" functions
to sphinx.utils which are then used throughout the app to convert from
filesystem-separated to web-separated paths and back. A WEB_SEP constant
has been defined principally to make its purpose clear in case a
constant "/" was thought to have been a hangover from the code's *nix

The result has been tested by building manually, ie by invoking python
tools\ with appropriate params under Win32 native only.
The html, web and htmlhelp versions all style up and function correctly.
It would obviously benefit from testing under Cygwin and *nix. I'm
particularly keen to see it it works on a filesystem which doesn't allow
"/" as a separator.
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