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Author brett.cannon
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Date 2007-10-18.21:41:23
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Regression test suite now passes.  =)  Had to add the support for when
warnings.showwarning() is set and a bug in PyErr_WarnExplicit() where a
NULL value for the module name was not being allowed.

Couple things still left to implement.  One is the second output line in
show_warning().  Don't notice this in unit tests as it imports warnings
and thus uses the Python implementation that works properly.  Also need
to implement warn_explicit().  Lastly, -W arguments need to be handled.

In terms of differing semantics, file paths are different.  Old way did
absolute paths.  It also handled what the file path should be when
executing a warning from the interpreter differently.

In terms of testing, some _warnings-specific tests are needed.  As
mentioned above, the differences between _warnings.show_warning() and
warnings.showwarning() are not being picked up.  This shows how tests
for setting of 'filters', 'onceregistry', and 'showwarning' needs to be

Assigning to Neal to see if there is anything I missed in terms of todos
and see if he wants to take any of them on.  =)
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