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Date 2007-09-13.12:59:37
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Brett> Are you going to add support to strptime as well?

I looked at strptime for about two seconds then moved on.  I presume you
would know how to add it easily though. ;-)

    Brett> As for the 'time' module, I don't think it would be useful as it serves
    Brett> no purpose since the time tuple can't resolve to that
    Brett> resolution. 

Resolution isn't the issue.  You just make sure you add enough zeroes to
make it be microseconds.  The bigger problem is that time.strftime() takes a
tuple of ints which basically represents a struct tm.  That struct has an
int seconds field and no sub-second field.  You'd either have to start
allowing floating point tm_sec fields then either truncating or rounding
(but which?) to get ints when you need to actually generate an actual struct

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