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Date 2007-08-30.08:05:15
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Lars Gustäbel schrieb:

> For example in tarfile.rst and logging.rst there are function
> definitions using *args and/or **kwargs like:
> .. function:: debug(msg[, *args[, **kwargs]])
> The * and ** should be escaped IMO, so that they are not mistaken as
> reStructuredText markup, which confuses the syntax coloring of my Vim.
> While escaping * with a backslash works fine in normal text, it does not
> work in a function definition and the backslash appears in the HTML output.

This was done deliberately since for C function descriptions

.. cfunction:: PyObject *Py_DoSomething(PyObject *obj1, ...)

it's a PITA to escape all the stars.

The reST highlighting of Vim seems to be insufficient not only in this
regard (inline markup can't span paragraphs); may I convince you to
use a real editor like Emacs? :)

*ducks* Fine, fine, I'll see if I can add backslash processing there.
But I won't add backslashes for all of the existing definitions.
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