Author syfou
Date 2006-07-24.07:43:51
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Find enclosed a new data persistence module: miniconf,
that basically allows the casual creation and reading
of configuration files and similar simple data sets.

I ended-up using part of this code in many projects I
did in Python (such as adesklets), and many other
fellow developers borrowed it from me, so I though it
could be nice to have it as a part of the standard library.

So I cleaned it up, re-factored it as a simple,
standalone module, and here it is, complete with
documentation and its test module.

Find enclosed a patch against svn trunck (Python 2.5b2,
revision 50794). It changes nothing to the tree,
besides adding a one-liner to Doc/lib/lib.tex to
reference the new documentation.

The module also works untouched on Python 2.4.3; I will
be glad to provide a patch against any other tree if
you want me too; all comments are of course welcomed. 
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