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Author josiahcarlson
Date 2005-05-28.23:22:06
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I've got a version of subprocess that has this functionality
with pywin32.  Making it work on *nix systems with usable
select is trivial.

About the only question is whether the functionality is
desireable, and if so, what kind of API is reasonable.

Perhaps adding an optional argument 'wait_for_completion' to
the communicate method, which defaults to True for executing
what is currently in the body of communicate.

If the 'wait_for_completion' argument is untrue, then it
does non-waiting asynchronous IO, returning either a 2 or
3-tuple on completion.  If input is None, it is a 2-tuple of
(stdout, stderr).  If input is a string, it is a 3-tuple of
(bytes_sent, stdout, stderr).

How does that sound?
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