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Author josiahcarlson
Date 2004-09-16.02:31:38
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And as I stated, the 's' format character is also a
"variable lengthed type".

It just so happens that in most use cases I've had and
observed for both the 's' format AND proposed 'g' format,
the type size, is in fact, fixed at 'compile' time.  It also
happens that for the 'g' format, this fixed size is not in
the set {1,2,4,8}, which are not limitations for the
pre-existing 's' format.

Please note that the only fundamental difference between the
pre-existing 's' format and the proposed 'g' format, is that
of a quick call to appropriate PyLong_* functions, and a
range check as required by other integer types.

Python is a tool.  Struct is a tool.  By changing the tool
only slightly, we can add flexibility.  The code is already
there, minor glue would make it work, and would make it
convenient for, I believe, more people than binascii.
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