Author mzimmerman
Date 2003-07-31.14:22:19
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It would also be very useful to be able to have ZipFile
read/write the uncompressed file data from/to a file-like
object, instead of just strings and files (respectively).

I would like to use this module to work with zip files
containing large files, but this is unworkable because the
current implementation would use excessive amounts of memory.

Currently, read() reads all of the compressed data into
memory, then uncompresses it into memory.  For files which
may be hundreds of megabytes compressed, this is undesirable.

Likewise for write(), I would like to be able to stream data
into a zip file, passing in a ZipInfo to specify the
metadata as is done with writestr().

The implementation of this functionality is quite
straightforward, but I am not sure whether (or how) the
interface should change.  Some other parts of the library
allow for a file object to be passed to the same interface
which accepts a filename.  The object is examined to see if
it has the necessary read/write methods and if not, it is
assumed to be a filename.  Would this be the correct way to
do it?

I, too, am a bit irked by the lack of symmetry exhibited by
read vs. write/writestr, and think that the interface
suggested above would be a significant improvement.
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