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Author loupgaroublond
Date 2007-07-06.17:51:17
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Out of those four deliverables, i have three (albeit the easiest).  Attached is a copy of the newly dubbed ReadWriteLock along with his pal ReverseSemaphore, and two new helper objects ReadLock and WriteLock (can you do the java equivalent of anonymous inner classes?).  This is a patch on the copy of that is delivered with Fedora 7 aka:
Version: 2.5
Release: 12.fc7

which was done for convenience (my convenience that is, and certainly not yours ;))

The naming convention has been changed to follow that of Java's, the acquire/release pattern notwithstanding.  There is some documentation via docstrings, as I wasn't sure of the best way to document this module.

The last point, unit testing, I am not sure as the best way to go about a multithreaded unit test.  I can look into it later, but honestly, it's friday, and there are two days left till monday.

Please let me know if I am on the right track here at least.

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