Author sonderblade
Date 2007-03-07.22:30:39
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Two tests in failed for me with the following traceback:

FAIL: test_stack (__main__.TestInterpreterStack)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test/", line 92, in test_stack
    (modfile, 16, 'eggs', ['    st = inspect.stack()\n'], 0))
AssertionError: ('/tmp/install//lib/python2.6/test/', 16, 'eggs', ['    st = inspect.stack()\n'], 0) != ('/tmp/install/lib/python2.6/test/', 16, 'eggs', ['    st = inspect.stack()\n'], 0)

This happened because I configured Python with "./configure --prefix=/tmp/install/" and autoconf automagically created paths such as ${prefix}/lib so it got a double slash. 

Double slashes are completely harmless on Unix and is probably wrong in comparing two paths like that. Nevertheless, they are ugly and I think it is worthwhile to eliminate them. So here is patch that does that by adding a "hack" to
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