Author jyzude
Date 2007-04-24.05:57:33
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Hi all,

Good catch Neal, I needed a test_main method.

I also finally got around to tightening up the tests so that at all times the entire call stack is tested. It's a bit messier than before and somewhat brittle, but it's thorough and checks every ugly implicit call to __coerce__ just like the old tests did.

Only problem is that now the tests fail. The test of the statement "1 == testme" on line 419 generates a call stack that seems very strange and I can't figure out what it means. It might be a bug in the python interpreter... or a feature... or just a mistake in the test. At this point I can't figure it out but I'll post my patch so far. If anyone can figure out what's going on please let me know!
File Added: test_class.patch
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