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Author tim.peters
Date 2001-07-12.02:32:22
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Note that processes using WinMain can get at argc and argv 
under MSVC via including stdlib.h and using __argc and 
__argv instead.

I agree the space behavior sucks regardless.  However, as 
you've discovered, there's nothing magical we can do about 
it without breaking the workarounds people have already 
developed on their own -- including distutils.

The right way to address this is to add more smarts to in distutils, then press to adopt that in the std 
library (distutils already does *some* magical arg quoting 
on win32 systems, and could use your help to do a better 
job of it).

Accordingly, I added [Windows] to the summary line, changed 
the category to distutils, and reassigned to Greg Ward for 
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