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Author theller
Date 2007-02-01.20:22:08
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David, I encountered these issues with the patch:

1. a typo in Lib/ctypes/test/
   'bool_type' should be 'bool_types'
   It is trivial to fix this.

2. ctypes/ should be cean for 'from ctypes import *',
   but with your patch it exposes the 'struct_error' symbol.

   I would recommend to change Modules/_ctypes/cfield.c so that a
   c_bool type can be created even if HAVE_C99_BOOL is undefined (I think
   you took that approach in your _Bool struct patch).

   Then, ctypes/ would not have to depend on the struct 't'
   typecode at all.  The '_check_size(c_bool, "t")' check can probably be

3. ctypes/test/ does not work.

   Easy to fix this: just add c_bool to the list of types starting
   at line 5.

These changes would also ensure compatibility with previous Python
versions, with one exception: A check for the _Bool type must be added
to Modules/ctypes/libffi/

To answer your question: No, it is not needed to prepare a patch
relative to ctypes/trunk/ctypes.  This repository contains
svn:external properties for the 'source' and 'ctypes' directories that
point into the 'release25-maint/Modules/_ctypes' and
'release25-maint/Lib/ctypes' directories from Python.
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