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Author josiahcarlson
Date 2007-01-10.18:24:04
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From what I understand, the point of the lazy strings patch is to make certain operations faster.  What operations?  Generally speaking, looped concatenation (x += y), and other looping operations that have traditionally been slow; O(n^2).

While this error is still common among new users of Python, generally users only get bit once.  They ask about it on python-list and are told: z = []; z.append(y); x = ''.join(z) .

Then again, the only place where I've seen the iterative building up of *text* is really in document reformatting (like textwrap).  Basically all other use-cases (that I have seen) generally involve the manipulation of binary data.  Larry, out of curiosity, have you found code out there that currently loops and concatenates unicode?
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