Author taleinat
Date 2006-12-10.20:14:42
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Content is a replacement for Other than the test code, the code has been almost completely re-written.

Enhancements over
* Tab panes with several rows of tabs (optional)
* Dynamic tab rows (optional) - tabs are divided into rows as needed, currently according to a configurable maximum number of tabs per row
* Simpler, more Pythonic design and API
* Two placement mechanisms for the inner pages - grid.lift and grid/remove. Each creates different behavior, and I couldn't decide between them, so I made it configurable :)
* Continues to support dynamic addition/removal of pages
* Additional comments and documentation, code cleanup

Also included in the patch are the required changes in for it to use, along with some minor widget padding fixes.

( is no longer needed, though the patch doesn't  say so for some reason)

BTW, this is required for the IDLE extension configuration dialog I've written, for which I will post a patch soon.
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