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Author gregorlingl
Date 2006-06-28.00:50:47
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The file, at present named is a
reimplementation of with additional features,
among them:

-Better animation of the turtle movements, especially
of turning the turtle. So the turtles can more easily
be used as a visual feedback instrument by the
(beginning) programmer.
-Different turtle shapes, gif-images as turtle shapes,
user defined and user controllable turtle shapes, among
them compound (multicolored) shapes.
-Fine control over turtle movement and screen updates
via delay(), and enhanced tracer() and speed(),
update()  methods.
-Aliases for the most commonly used commands, like fd
for forward etc. ...
-Some simple commands/methods for creating event driven
programs (mouse-, key-, timer-events). Especially
useful for programming simple games.
-A scrollable Canvas class. The scrollable Canvas can
be extended interactively as needed while playing
around with the turtle(s) (e. g. to follow some escaped
-Commands for controlling background color or
background image.

detailed documentation is in the docstrings (similar to
the last version of which copmrise approx.
50% of the filesize. is widely backward compatible to
(i. e. except the appearance of the turtle(s) and their

I propose to replace by

Separate Documentation is available as a text file
reassembled and enhanced from the docstring.
I'll supply this in a separate patch (as it seems
impossible here to attach 2 files)

Gregor Lingl
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