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Author hwundram
Date 2006-05-19.21:27:31
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As per request on c.l.p:

I've implemented a small patch to change the output of
repr(x) for complex variables, so that complex(repr(x))
works for any complex x. This changes the output of
repr(x) to


without brackets, but leaves the string output
untouched. This change of behaviour would be in line
with int(repr(x)) and float(repr(x)) being defined for
any int or float x, repectively.

I don't know whether this patch is sensible, and
whether it breaks any current code, because (for example)

eval("5*%r" % (1+2j,))

won't work properly anymore, or whether it'd be more
sensible to change the complex constructor to also
accept a bracketed expression. I'll attach a patch to
do the latter later.
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