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Author nnorwitz
Date 2006-05-15.07:41:40
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I don't see any obvious problems with the patch.  I have
some nits though:

 * This is pretty complex: int(os.uname()[2].split('.')[0])
   I would prefer if it was broken up and use local
variables to explain better what's going on (or at least a
comment that shows the expected format).
  - same with '.'.join('.')[:2])

 * Remove double blank lines at first line of patch in and the last 3 lines (the pass is not needed).

 *, use True/False instead of 1/0.  I forget
what the compatibility of distutils is, but I see other uses
of True and False

   - same comment about getting the kernel with a complex expr

   - I prefer index instead of idx (I don't like abbrevs,
particularly for foreign speakers)

Instead of: 
+        if '-arch' in cc_args:
+            stripArch = 1

just set it:  stripArch = '-arch' in cc_args

Same for stripSysroot
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