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Author cludwig
Date 2005-11-30.18:07:41
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My second patch was indeed broken since it referred to $CC  
before the call to AC_PROG_CC in That caused  
CC=gcc and CXX=c++ if neither --with-cxx-main nor CC was  
given on the command line.   
I am going to upload a third version (cxx-main.patch3) that 
fixes this problem by moving the code that evaluates 
--with-cxx-main below AC_PROG_CC.  
To repeat what I wrote in my last comment: This patch does  
not address the issue that distutils calls $CC in order to  
compile C++ source files and calls $CXX in the linking step  
only. Howevr, the patch tries to ensure that CXX is always  
set to a sensible value in the Makefile - even if Python is  
built exclusively with $CC. Thus, distutils has a fighting  
chance to do the right thing (whatever that is) when  
building C++ extensions since it uses the value of CXX  
found in Python's Makefile.  
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