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Author mwm
Date 2005-09-25.22:01:52
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I suggested OPENER because I saw it in use somewhere while
looking for things for open. I couldn't find it when I went
looking for it to reply to this. Clearly, the desktop module
needs some way for the user to say "I don't care what you
think the system looks like - use *this*." If there's a
standard for that, we should use it. If there isn't a
standard, we get to establish one. Putting it in the beta
version so people can play with it is a good idea. Until the
module is accepted, nothing is wired down, and testers
should know that.

Open has been announced in a number of places. It doesn't
have it's own web page yet. You can find a link to the
tarball at It's also listed
in PyPI.

Other than it's existence showing that desktop needs a way
for user to override the guesses the module makes (which the
OSS launch tool does for OS X as well), this isn't really
the place to discuss open. I've addressed the issues raised
here about open in the README file that was posted in the
0.3 version. Further discussion should go to me directly, or
to the Python list/newsgroup. If you think it belongs in
another forum, please let me know.
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