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Author gregcouch
Date 2005-07-15.07:26:14
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One reason that the type wasn't a heap type was because I
didn't find an example in the Python documentation.  And
because when I was looking through typeobject.c, I saw code,
like type_get_doc(), that ignores the (tp_doc) slot when it
is a heap type -- exactly what I don't want (looking closer,
it may be the only one).  I also like most of the
restrictions a non-heap type has, like being unable to
change its name.  So if heap types are as fast as non-heap
types, then I have no objection to switching.  I'm also
concerned about the additional startup time switching to
heap types would cost since I currently have 75 types in my

The python code that prompted this patch was code that
reached in and added extra keyword arguments to a method,
sort of like a decorator, for additional bookkeeping. 
Subclassing is out because the C (C++) object factory
function only returns the instances of the original type.
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