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Author mutkuk
Date 2005-05-05.16:55:31
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Uploaded new patch unchanged.

Extension case:
This func categorizes with PyThreadSatate_*. For debugger
implementors(generally implmented as extension) it is
invaluable. Indeed that's the reason I needed it in the
first place.

>1: I see your reasoning, but I disagree as when the
>developer pokes around the headers it will be more useful
>for it, the typedef, to be around the *only* call that the.... 

Not worth to remove it  IMHO just feels OK

>2. Oh, yeah the NULL check is there just in case someone
>gets smart and tries to start running Python calls before
>Python is initialized(ala Py_InitializeEx()). Besides that
>it, Py_FatalError should only be called once during the
>process lifetime, so the extra condition isn't really much
>of a performance issue.

Got it, agreed.
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