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Author hyeshik.chang
Date 2004-10-21.15:07:43
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For jiwon's patch:

You don't need to post a patch to configure, only is enough.  For line 1347,1354, I think we
don't need to keep using not $CC but 'cc' as linker on
OpenBSD.  AFAIK, OpenBSD uses gcc as their compiler set and
there're no alternatives available.  So, it'll not need to
have a special case for OpenBSD.

And, ac_cv_pthread_system_supported stuff is to fix Python's
pthread scope behavior that is not appropriate on FreeBSD.
(In FreeBSD, system scope threads are very expensive than
process scope threads and the former has lots of limitations
on resource usages.)  I think it can go into Python src as a
ifdef'ed block, I will post a patch in a new bug item soon.

To jwpye:

FreeBSD's runtime linker system can't handle so versions
with dot(s).  You can link againt shared objects with dotted
so versions if you explicitly specified rpath on linking. 
But -lpython2.3.1.0 may not be found by ldconfig(1) nor ld
Hence, it tends to make KDE and/or GNOME applications using
python difficult to compile.
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