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Author aschmolck
Date 2004-10-02.09:39:34
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If a method has no docstring, then pydoc.getdoc
currently just looks for a comment or returns nothing.
A more sensible behavior IMO would be if pydoc tried to
get the docstring from the same method in a baseclass
(in mro), if it exists.

This ought to be "the right thing" (i.e. by the
semantics of inheritance if the documentation of a
overriden method is not overriden it should still
present the same interface to the user) and the current
behavior is a royal pain when working with backends or
other types of subclasses that are derived from some
abstract class that contains all the interface docs.

Currently even fixing up docstrings by hand is not
simple, because the straightforward
``Child.meth.__doc__ = Parent.meth.__doc__`` fails (one
has to go directly via the .__dict__ which is problematic).
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