Author purcell
Date 2004-09-30.14:20:29
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Yes, that's right, and I would consider providing a number of such 
decorators at a later date. I've just spent a little time chatting to my 
colleage Joe Walnes (of nMock fame) about all this; he's more of an 
nUnit authority than I am. 
Categories are particularly interesting. In theory, it would be possible 
to get the same effect using TestSuites, but in practice tool support 
(including unittest.main()) discourages the use of TestSuites in favour 
of magic discovery of test cases; categories would be a better way of 
allowing tools to dynamically construct suites. @ignore could be 
considered equivalent to @category("ignored") in a certain sense. 
Skipping is not quite the same as ignoring, since it's determined at 
run-time, and so I think it is appropriate to add methods to explicitly 
support it. 
Interesting times indeed. 
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