Author goertzen
Date 2006-07-04.16:48:45
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This stuff is becoming hazy for me, but I'll try to offer
some ideas:

- Does it help if you put your build directory outside of
the source directory?

- Why is the system looking for when you told it
to be static?  I suspect static support is broken for a lot
of modules.  Does it go better when you take the static
switch out?  Assuming you have a few other apps in your
system besides python (a shell, busybox maybe), I question
wether static would actually save any memory.  It perhaps is
a little more complex to get all the libraries in their
correct location, but I'll bet coaxing a python system to be
static is way harder.

- It is normal for some things to bomb out while compiling
because the python build scripts always check the build
system for library availability.  In many cases you don't
need those broken libraries.  It is also often possible to
hack up the install scripts to work properly for a cross
compiled system.  That said, simple things like struct
should be working properly without hackery.

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