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Author mwh
Date 2004-06-22.09:02:50
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> What else did you want from me?

Not a lot more than that :-)  The only other point you might have 
an opinion (aka. a bit of current behaviour that I don't understand 
;-) is that in current Python, a signal delivered while sitting in a 
call to PyOS_Readline() is not handled (at the Python level) until 
the user presses return (or ^C? hmm, not sure about that) 
whereas with this patch, it is handled more-or-less immediately.

This means that the second argument to the Python signal handler 
will be None, rather than a frame object: there's no Python 
execution happening at this point, after all.

Does this sound reasonable to you?

> For 2.3, keeping whatever semantics ^C from readline
> has at the moment should be preserved

Certainly, in principle at least!  However "whatever semantics ^C 
from readline has at the moment" are a trifle accidental... I need 
to think about this.
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