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Author mwh
Date 2004-06-17.16:08:09
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A potential problem with this patch is that it causes input
to be interrupted (with a KeyboardInterrupt exception) when
any handled signal is delivered.  This seems suboptimal.

It's appealing to try to run the (Python) signal handlers in
the errno == EINTR case of
readline_line_until_enter_or_signal, but that has problems
in that PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer is called without the
GIL being held and once that is dealt with, an installed
Python signal handler attempting to call readline at this
point can reasonably be expected to result in all hell
breaking loose.

I don't know what the correct solution is here.  Add our own
rentrancy checks and learn how to work the Python
threadstate API properly?

Thoughts, anyone? Or have I scared everyone away now?
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