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Author rhettinger
Date 2004-05-12.18:54:09
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Jeremy:  I reviewed the lazy binding version of the patch as
much as I could.  Can you take a brief look at just the
changes to the grammar and at the new functions in
compile.c.  The functions were clearly written and neatly
paralleled list comps but I wondered whether it was possible
and desirable to factor-out the commonalities.

Jiwon:  the graminit.h renumbering is fine (all of the
automatically generated files should be left as-as).

Guido:  I was clear on your rationale for preferring late
binding but did not find wording for the reason behind the
precompution of the innermost iterable. I speculate that the
semantics reflect that this is an expression and that all
expressions (except and/or) are immediate. 
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