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Author glchapman
Date 2004-03-11.13:56:18
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Not sure if this is a good idea, but I wonder if the extensions 
dictionary should be cleared (ie _PyImport_Fini called) 
sooner, possibly even before PyImport_Cleanup.  This would 
allow garbage collection during PyImport_Cleanup to catch 
anything a C module might have created which is in a cycle 
with its module (through a bad design on my part, I recently 
discovered I had created just such a cycle).

I suppose _PyImport_Fini is called when it is called because 
some code during PyImport_Cleanup might import a 
dynamic module, which would then create a new extensions 
dictionary if _PyImport_Fini had already been run.  Perhaps 
a flag could be added so that _PyImport_FixupExtension 
would not try to add a module's dict to extensions if Python 
is currently shutting down.
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