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Author twouters
Date 2003-04-17.23:41:01
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Revised patch that includes avoiding the wrapping of
(Python) methods on newstyle classes as well as oldstyle
classes. The patch checks to see if a particular type uses
PyObject_GenericGetAttr, and if so, uses a near-copy of that
function to get an unwrapped PyFunction object.
PyCFunctionObject objects are not magically treated, and
fall back to the slow path... PyCFunction's descr's don't
have direct access to an 'unwrapped' version, they create
PyCFunctionObjectss on demand based on a PyCFunction -- a
function pointer.

Some simple testing (using suggests about a 20%
increase in speed for '' where 'x' is a newstyle
class instance. However, a real-world-ish benchmark (very
hard to find, for newstyle classes) suggests otherwise:
running '' on "pass" consistently takes about 3%

I'm certain the problem lies in the fact that the patch
doesn't consider PyCFunctions, which forces part of the slow
MRO lookup and instnace-dict checking to be re-done for
C-functions on newstyle types (of which there are a heck of
a lot.) Either handling PyMethodDescrs the same way as
PyFunctionObjects, or circumventing the slow path in some
way (by returning non-method-but-found objects) will
probably fix that.
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