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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-30.22:34:44
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Checked in with several changes:
- importers on sys.path are no longer allowed
- zipimporter was reverted to properly support pkg.__path__
and again, this time without caring
about the zip file extension.
- get_data() semantics adapted to latest version of PEP 302
- minor import.c tweaks from Guido

Commit details:
Include/pythonrun.h, rev. 2.57
Lib/, rev. 1.47
Lib/test/, rev. 1.1
Lib/test/, rev. 1.1
Modules/Setup.dist, rev. 1.35
Modules/getpath.c, rev. 1.45
Modules/zipimport.c, rev. 1.1
PC/config.c, rev. 1.37
PC/getpathp.c, rev. 1.29
PCbuild/pythoncore.dsp, rev. 1.40
Python/import.c, rev. 2.215
Python/importdl.h, rev. 2.19
Python/pythonrun.c, rev. 2.172
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