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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-23.22:31:36
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Several changes/fixes.

- incorporated patch from Paul Moore that adds a default zip
archive path to sys.path on Windows (it was already there on
unix). Thanks Paul!

- matches latest version of PEP 302 (rev 1.3), regarding the
new 'path' argument of importer.find_module(fullname, path=None)

- removed the subdir feature, which allowed the path to the
zip archive to be extended with a subdirectory. PEP 273
stated this was needed for package support (and only for
that). However, with the new import hooks this is no longer
true: a path item containing the plain zip archive path can
also deal with submodules (find_module receives the full
module name after all). Therefore a pkg.__path__ from a
package loaded from a zip archive will contain the *plain*
zip archive path.
- as a consequence I could simplify and clean up lots of
things (esp. zipimporter_init: eg. it no longer needs to
check sys.path_importer_cache; yay). Getting rid of the
zipimporter.prefix attribute altogether helped a lot in
other places.
- this change additionally enabled me to get rid of the
restriction that zip paths must end in .ZIP or .zip; any
extension (or even no extension) will now work.
- implemented all the (optional) extensions of the Importer
Protocol that the latest version of PEP 302 defines.
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