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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-19.21:29:09
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I added the default sys.path zip file item for unix builds,
as PEP 273 prescribes. I've not done the refactoring that
the PEP 273 implementation does (I really don't see why),
but this means I can't use Jim Ahlstrom's PC/getpathp.c
patch as is. I don't develop on Windows, so I wouldn't be
able to test. Paul, do you think you can provide a minimal
patch for PC/getpathp.c that adds the right thing to the
default path? No rush.

Other changes:
- zipimporter.get_data() now raises IOError instead of
ZipImportError if the "file" wasn't found.
- removed the (dubious) mechanism that would *not* add a
None value on sys.path_importer_cache for path items that
have no hook and are not directories. Needed for the default
zip item change: if the default zipfile isn't available it
would otherwise keep trying to find a hook for it. This
change also means that if you install a hook on
sys.path_hooks and you want that hook to handle items that
are *already* on sys.path, you must clear
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