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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-18.14:54:54
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Std zip entry on sys.path: agreed, I've been meaning to look
at that for a while now...

Refactoring: would be nice (but needs a third item:
PathImporter), but it's quite a bit of extra work *and*
makes it harder (I think) to keep
imp.find_module/load_module compatible. I will have a closer
look, but I tend to think this is a better project for 2.4.
I currently prefer working on a PEP, if only to increase the
chance my work hasn't been a waste of time ;-)

Btw. zi.get_data() currently raises ZipImporterError if a
file is not found. IOError is probably better. Will also
consider list_dir() & list_modules(). (Hm, I really dislike
those underscores there, but I also don't want to remove
them from find/load_module...)
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