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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-17.22:28:31
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Fresh patch.
Added zipimporter.get_data(path) method: returns the
(uncompressed) data for a file as a string.

Implemented Wiktor Sadowski's suggestion: a module loaded
with zipimport will have an __importer__ attribute, which is
set to the zipimporter instance that did the load. Possible
quirk: for a package file, this is the
zipimporter that handles the directory containing the
package dir, so __importer__.get_data(filename) looks for
filename in that directory, not the package directory. An
__importer__ of an actual submodule *does* look in the
package directory itself.

(Btw. I did this without adding a new
PyImport_ExecCodeModuleEx2 API.)
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