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Author jvr
Date 2002-12-14.20:46:01
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Btw. it would be nicer if I indeed provided an "importer"
wrapper for the builtin mechanism and simply placed it on
and invoke it through sys.meta_path. The reason I haven't
done that yet is that A) this would change import.c even
more (although it would be better factored then) and B) it
would have _some_ impact on the performance of the builtin
import mechanism, as *all* imports would then pass through
yet another Python call. But I hope to play with this a bit
later next week. It could also be a project for 2.4.

Note that this is exactly what Gordon does in, except
he goes even further: he has separate importer objects on
the metapath for builtin modules, frozen modules and file
system imports. I think that's fantastic, but it would be
more controversial as it might affect performance and might
be harder to integrate with the current imp module.
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