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Author paul.moore
Date 2002-12-14.19:39:01
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I have some concerns about a design issue.

I've been playing about writing my own hooks in Python, and I 
have found that for most of my tests, the find_module method 
is simply not useful. I understand that it can be cheaper 
(sometimes a lot cheaper) to just check for the existence of a 
module than actually loading up the code, etc, etc. So in 
those cases, find_module() offers a shortcut if the module 
isn't found.

But if the module *is* found, and find_module has to do 
significant work, then all this work has to be repeated at 
load_module time. There's no mechanism for the result of 
find_module (say, a pointer to the module in a zip directory, 
or whatever) to be passed to load_module. So load_module 
has no alternative than to redo the work (short of the hook 
implementing some form of internal cache mechanism, which 
could be quite messy to do).

I don't know what the likely uses of hooks will be. So I've no 
idea if find_module will turn out in practice to be a cheap 
operation. But I can certainly imagine cases (the 
hypthetical "load a module from a URL" hook) where 
find_module could be far from cheap.

Is it possible to let find_module be optional? If the hook 
implements it, let it be used as a quick check for existence. If 
the hook doesn't implement it, just go for it - call load_module 
and be prepared for a "can't find it" response.

This probably means that more extensive changes to import.c 
will be needed.  But once we expose the design, we're going 
to be stuck with backward compatibility issues forever, so it's 
important we get it right *now*, rather than later. (Although 
having find_module mandatory initially, but made optional 
later, is probably less problematic than most other forms of 
design change...)
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