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Author loewis
Date 2002-12-12.13:16:17
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recursive imports: having as the first thing in sys.path, 
and having a compressed in there was indeed the 
case I was thinking of (without actually trying).

GC: It is absolutely necessary. If this is not done now, 
somebody will spend days of research five years from now, 
because somebody else thought that invoking .update on this 
files attribute was a good idea. This could be reduced to C-
level documentation if the dictionary was not exposed to 

builtin: I think it ought to be builtin. It's a small module, it 
does not rely on additional libraries, it is not maintained 
externally, and it reduces bootstrap dependencies to have it 
builtin. OTOH, zlib can't be builtin, as it relies on an 
additional library which may not always be present.

get_long: you are right; the 0xff does make the values 
positive, again. I somehow thought the result might still be 

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