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Author hoodchatham
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Date 2022-04-05.19:27:14
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I am trying to build tot Python for Emscripten to test recent changes and having trouble. The problem is caused by recent changes since 3.11.0a6 to `sre`. I build a build Python 3.11 from tot, and provided it to `./configure --with-build-python=$(HOSTBUILDDIR)/python`. However, I still see invocations to the system Python 3.11 at `/usr/local/bin/python3.11`.

The problem seems to be that the generated `Makefile` has a bunch of stuff collapsed into one line:
PYTHON_FOR_BUILD=_PYTHON_PROJECT_BASE=$(abs_builddir) _PYTHON_HOST_PLATFORM=$(_PYTHON_HOST_PLATFORM) PYTHONPATH=$(shell test -f pybuilddir.txt && echo $(abs_builddir)/`cat pybuilddir.txt`:)$(srcdir)/Lib _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME=_sysconfigdata_$(ABIFLAGS)_$(MACHDEP)_$(MULTIARCH) /src/cpython/build/Python-3.11.0dev0/builddir/build-host/python
manually fixing this to:
PYTHONPATH=$(shell test -f pybuilddir.txt && echo $(abs_builddir)/`cat pybuilddir.txt`:)$(srcdir)/Lib 
fixes the problem.

My configure invocation is as follows:
	( \
		cd $(BUILDDIR); \
		CONFIG_SITE=./ emconfigure \
		  ../../configure \
		  	  --cache-file=$(ROOT)/python.config.cache \
			  --with-build-python=$(HOSTBUILDDIR)/python \
			  --without-pymalloc \
			  --disable-shared \
			  --disable-ipv6 \
			  --enable-big-digits=30 \
			  --enable-optimizations \
			  --build=$(shell $(EXTRACTDIR)/config.guess) \
			  --prefix=$(INSTALL)  \
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