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Author JelleZijlstra
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Date 2022-03-20.21:54:06
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It's simple if you only look at simple examples.

Here are some examples current main (with Serhiy's patch for the Python version of typing) gets wrong:

>>> from typing import *
>>> Ts = TypeVarTuple("Ts")
>>> T1 = TypeVar("T1")
>>> T2 = TypeVar("T2")
>>> Tuple[T1, Unpack[Ts], T2][int, Unpack[tuple[int]]]  # expect error
typing.Tuple[int, *tuple[int]]
>>> Tuple[T1, Unpack[Ts], str, T2][int, Unpack[Ts]]  # expect error (T2 missing)
typing.Tuple[int, str, *Ts]  # it put *Ts in the wrong place
>>> Tuple[T1, Unpack[Ts], str, T2][int, Unpack[Ts], Unpack[Ts]]  # expect error (*Ts can't substitute T2)
typing.Tuple[int, *Ts, str, *Ts]
>>> class G(Generic[T1, Unpack[Ts], T2]): pass
>>> G[int]  # expect error

We can probably fix that, but I'm not looking forward to implementing the fixed logic in both Python and C. Also, I'm worried that it won't work with future extensions to the type system (e.g., the rumored Map operator) that may go into 3.12 or later versions.
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