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Author Dennis Sweeney
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Date 2022-03-19.23:09:12
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I'd bet we could add a couple of utility functions that could be used in multiple places, to keep the "trick" all in one place. Something like

_PyBytes_RepeatInPlace(char **buffer, size_t start_len, size_t end_len)
    // Repeatedly double.
    size_t copied = start_len;
    while (copied < end_len) {
        size_t to_copy = Py_MIN(copied, end_len - copied);
        memcpy(buffer + copied, buffer, to_copy);
        copied += to_copy;

_PyBytes_Repeat(char *dest, size_t len_dest,
                const char *src, size_t len_src)
    // XXX maybe handle zero lengths
    // XXX maybe use memset for len_src == 1
    memcpy(dest, src, len_src);
    _PyBytes_RepeatInPlace(dest, len_src, len_dest);
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